Student Spotlights

  • Olivia Smiling

    Olivia DeVito

    Nov 28

    Olivia DeVito is a second year at San Diego State University studying Sustainability with a Minor in Ecology. She is currently serving as the transportation chair for Green Love through Associated Students along with being a member of Epsilon Eta, an eco-centered fraternity.

  • agni smiling

    Agni Herur

    Oct 29

    Agni Herur is a third-year Finance Major. He is currently working as the Green Office Intern for the Office of Energy and Sustainability. He manages office certification on campus, analyzing their sustainability levels and providing a ranking

  • woman smiling shefali

    Shefali Sharma

    Sep 22

    Shefali Sharma is a 3rd year, psychology and pre-med student here at SDSU. She is currently leading her organization, Save Soil, which promotes awareness of soil degradation across the globe. The Save Soil movement originated in India and is now a worldwide movement. Shefali came across the global movement and decided to take part and bring awareness to San Diego State. The goal of Save Soil is to spread awareness about the lack of soil nutrients and to change policy across the world

  • woman smiling kaylen

    Kaylen Wilson

    Aug 20

    Kaylen Wilson, a graduate student from San Diego State University’s Environmental Health Lab run by Dr. Eunha Hoh, recently led the achievement of gold level certification through My Green Lab®, making their lab the first to be certified on campus!

  • Olivia Humphrey

    Olivia Humphrey

    Nov 7

    Olivia Humphrey is a senior at San Diego State University. She is very involved with sustainability on campus, not only through her environmental science major and sustainability minor, but also through her leadership positions such as being this year’s Green Love Commissioner. Learn about Olivia’s goals for Green Love, inspiration for her environmentalism, and dream for a sustainable future here.

  • Jenna Long

    Jenna Long

    Mar 7

    Jenna Long is a second-year sustainability major with a minor in honors interdisciplinary studies. Her love of the outdoors led her to switch her major to sustainability and pursue a future career helping the environment. Currently, Jenna is a San Diego State campus leader for Seedlings, a multimedia platform focused on positive environmental news and encouragement. Read the spotlight article with Jenna to learn about her sustainability journey, experience being a sustainability major, and work with Seedlings here.

  • Student in black coat on grass at dusk

    Tasia Meyer

    Feb 24

    Tasia Meyer is a third-year Environmental Engineering major at San Diego State University. In addition to studying the environment in her major, she has held the position of zero waste intern for the Office of Energy & Sustainability for the past year. Her role includes inputting waste data into a system called SkySpark and working on projects that help SDSU become less wasteful and more sustainable. Keep reading to learn about Tasia's sustainability journey here!

  • kamila-haselman

    Kamila Haselman

    Nov 24

    Kamila is a senior majoring in Environmental Science at San Diego State University. She holds an internship with the Office of Energy & Sustainability where she inputs and analyzes utility data into a system called SkySpark. This spring, Kamila will be graduating and working in the environmental science field.

  • Aly Moore

    Aly Moore

    Oct 8

    Aly is a third-year sustainability major who is very involved at SDSU! She has held leadership positions in two green organizations on campus: GreenFest chair and Green Love Representative. Her passion for the Earth and skills in leadership and service shine through in this spotlight article! Read more here.

  • kate-coughlin

    Kate Coughlin

    Jun 14

    Kate is an SDSU alumna who started an upcycled clothing company, Jazzy Mabel. She gives another life to pre-loved clothing through her bright colors and eye-catching designs! Her business is primarily on Instagram @jazzymabel and in a few weeks, her website will be available. Read more about sustainability in Kate’s business, her artistic journey, and advice for students here.