Mitch Silverstein


Mitch Silverstein photoOur amazingly authentic and light-hearted spotlight this month, Mitch Silverstein, is the current San Diego Chapter Manager of Surfrider Foundation. Yet he wasn't always so devoted to sustainability and his community. After years of being disengaged, Mitch had enough of the current state of society in relation to the "throw away" culture we often find ourselves in. He found inspiration to improve his lifestyle and makes waves in his local community. Mitch guided us down his personal path from college student, to Surfrider volunteer, to Surfrider Chapter Manager. He highlights Surfrider's goals and accomplishments, overviews the main problems facing our oceans and coastlines, and gives genuine advice to anyone feeling down about the state of the world. His passion will be sure to lift you up! A special thank you to Mitch for agreeing to be our sustainable spotlight and for being a sustainable leader! 

Listen to learn more about our oceans, waves, and beaches and how you can help make a change by starting locally. 

You can visit the Surfrider Foundation website and reach Mitch through email at [email protected]. Their website has a calendar of events and a newsletter you can sign up for!