Alumni Spotlights

  • Anna Cilley

    Anna Cilley

    May 15

    Anna Cilley graduated from SDSU in 2022 with a B.A. in Sustainability. She now works as the Assistant Operations Manager for non-profit Plastic Beach.

  • Richard Ybarra

    Richard Ybarra

    Nov 7

    Alum Richard Ybarra attended SDSU in the 1970s, later on becoming involved in the Farm Workers’ Movement and the Environmentalist Movement. He is currently the president of the Ybarra Company on Public Affairs. Sharing over 30 years of leadership experience, Ybarra was able to offer valuable advice to help all of the SDSU community in promoting environmentalism and diversity! Read here.

  • Natalie-louis

    Natalie Louis

    Sep 16

    Project Coordinator at The Energy Coalition Using her sustainability knowledge and project management skills to help public agencies be more energy efficient.

  • Brian Macdonald

    Brian Macdonald

    Apr 22

    Brian Macdonald is an SDSU alum who started the first zero waste takeout company in San Diego! Using his business skills and passion for sustainability, Brian founded M’Porte. M’Porte uses endlessly reusable stainless steel containers and partners with restaurants so that customers can get takeout completely zero-waste by using and returning the M’Porte container. Read this spotlight to learn about his journey at SDSU, the development of M’Porte, and his advice for current students here.

  • Charlie Trujillo
  • mckenna-avery

    McKenna Avery

    Jul 21

    McKenna Avery graduated in 2020 with a degree in Sustainability and a minor in Political Science. During her time at SDSU, she worked for the Office of Sustainability, held executive positions in Green Love, and launched a company through ZIP Launchpad. McKenna is now working as a founder of a sustainable feminine hygiene company, Hempress Hygienics. Her passion and care for the environment and its people shine through in this spotlight! Read more here.

  • griffin-thall-photo

    Griffin Thall

    Mar 8

    Griffin is an SDSU Alum who graduated in 2010 with a marketing degree. Since graduation, he and his business partner developed a famous jewelry brand, made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and donated to over 175 charities. Then, he talked to us here.

  • Leah Schroeder

    Leah Schroeder

    Nov 6

    Alum Leah worked with her roommate to develop Litter2Life: turning San Diego beach trash into art. They want to pass on the tradition to SDSU and keep spreading the message of environmental stewardship. She also shares about her current job in food medicine and how it impacts public health and sustainability!

  • Stephanie-Hernandez headshot

    Stephanie Hernandez

    Apr 30

    Tracing the origins of her sustainable mind back to her father working as a trash man for years, Alumni Stephanie is establishing her role as the Equity Specialist for Center for Sustainable Energy. She walked us through the things that helped her on campus and gave us advice on how we can make the most out of our experience at SDSU.

  • grant-mack-headshot

    Grant Mack

    Mar 27

    From establishing the SDSU Farmers Market and bike lanes in 2011 as the AS President, Grant is now working in Sacramento serving as the Chief Policy Advisor for the CA Energy Commission and Senior Legislative Liaison for CA Public Utilities Commission. He shared his journey and what is takes to make change on and off campus.