Faculty Spotlights

  • Kristin Larson

    Kristin Larson

    Oct 27

    Leading the Office of Energy & Sustainability at San Diego State to achieve sustainability goals across campus

  • Madeleine Falco

    Madeleine Falco

    Jan 18

    Madeleine Falco works as the sustainability analyst for the Office of Energy & Sustainability. Her background in marketing, education, and outreach has given her the skills to implement energy conservation and public outreach programs at MiraCosta College, in addition to working with local tribes in San Diego County to develop renewable energy on tribal lands. Now, Madeleine is using her expertise to help SDSU meet its sustainability goals and inspire students, faculty, and staff to reduce waste, use public transportation, and live more sustainably. Read more here.

  • Kristen Monteverde

    Kristen Monteverde

    May 18

    Professor Monteverde teaches geography and sustainability classes at San Diego State University. Her passion for people, the environment, and helping students shines through in this spotlight where we discuss Professor Monteverde’s love for sustainability, work in storm water, experience teaching, and advice for students. Read more here.

  • Sharon Cunningham

    Sharon Cunningham

    Jul 9

    Sharon Cunningham is the senior supervising custodian who is incorporating sustainability in essential services on campus.

  • Kotaro Nakamura

    Kotaro Nakamura

    May 20

    Kotaro Nakamura is a professor and former director of the School of Art and Design. He dives into the indigenous way of living comfortably using the least amount of resources.

  • erlinde-corenelis

    Erline Cornelis

    Jul 13

    Professor Erlinde Cornelis currently teaches marketing research as an Assistant Professor of Marketing here at the SDSU Fowler College of Business. Erlinde exemplifies a sustainable leader by challenging her students to think critically and ethically about the world around them, especially through the lens of business and marketing. In 2018 and 2017 she was named the Most Influential Professor in Marketing in the Fowler College of Business. Her main area of interest in research is persuasion and people's resistance to it. How do the words "eco" and "green" and "climate" make people feel and act? How can companies and organizations equip themselves with the most effective marketing plan to reach a broader audience to catalyze social and environmental change?

  • Dr. Arielle Levine

    Dr. Arielle Levine

    Nov 27

    From doing research in Hawaii and American Samoa to teaching various classes on campus, Dr. Levine has a lot to share with us. Learn more about what she has found through her work and how to get involved with research!

  • debbie-richesonn-headshot

    Debbie Richeson

    Sep 28

    Debbie Richeson has been the director of Parking and Transportation Services for 13 years and has worked at SDSU in various transportation-related positions for 21 years. She knows plenty when it comes to how students, faculty, and staff get to and around campus. We had a conversation with this transportation expert to learn more about the Red and Black Shuttle, Lyft plans, new parking options, and upcoming plans for SDSU.

  • Duane Buske

    Duane Buske

    Jun 8

    Dining division has shown leadership in College and University Food service sustainability. The initiative is led by Duane Buske, SDSU Dining Senior General Manager of Purchasing and Distribution.