Hepner Hall

Social Responsibility

While many often equate sustainability to environmentalism, sustainability also has a strong social responsibility component. Given that food is a significant component to this topic, check out our food page for more information.

SDSU has a thriving diversity program and frequently receives high rankings for having high ethnic diversity and graduations rates. Graduation rates among ethnically diverse students have greatly increased, from 33% in 2002 to over 70% in 2018. 

Disability Services provided support services for over a thousand students.

They are committed to:

  • Minimizing academic and physical barriers for students with disabilities.
  • Promoting self-advocacy within students with disabilities.
  • Working collaboratively with SDSU faculty, staff, and the campus community to increase disability awareness

In 2020, SDSU was ranked #1 in California and in the Top 10 in the US for supporting LGBTQ+ Students. We received this ranking due to our Pride Center, campus-wide educational campaigns, training workshops, mentorship programs, and more.


We are in the process of working with SDSU Dining to get Fair Trade Certified. The certification shows that product companies supported decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair wages for all people involved.⁣⁣
It’s a sustainable approach to global business so all communities are fairly compensated for raw materials and labor. See our progress here.

Our Center for Regional Sustainability has several programs that connect the university with the surrounding communities. Each year, thousands of students and dozens of faculty members give their time to find solutions to community issues.
SDSU also has facilities to support students, faculty and staff, including lactation rooms. Lactation rooms give breastfeeding mothers a private space to pump milk.

Gender neutral bathrooms provide a safe place for transgender, gender non-conforming, and people of any gender identity. 

There are also foot washing stations within the Student Union.