Leila Gaemi

leila gaemiLeila Gaemi is an alumna of San Diego State University. She graduated in 2020 with a degree in Marketing. After graduation, she began working with a mission-based company called Stasher. Stasher creates and sells reusable silicone storage bags with the goal of reducing single-use plastics. Her job has furthered her sustainability journey both professionally and personally! Read Leila's spotlight to learn about her time at SDSU, her job, and her advice for current students.

Could you introduce yourself?

“My name is Leila Gaemi. I grew up in the East Bay in Danville, CA. I graduated from SDSU with a degree in Marketing in 2020. I was a member of Alpha Chi Omega while I was on campus. I currently work for a mission-based company called Stasher; I started working there a few months after I graduated so I am going on 3 years here! Stasher created the first ever reusable silicone food storage bag. Perfect for leftovers, marinating, food storage, even sous vide! Our mission is to keep single use plastics out of our oceans and inspire people to make the switch and join the movement!”

Could you describe what you do in your current job?

“I am on the Digital/DTC Team and my main responsibilities are customer experience, community engagement and email marketing. I work with an awesome team that is constantly taking in customer data to deliver them the best experience and product.”

How did you figure out what you wanted to do after graduation? Any advice for soon-to-be graduates?

“My position now is slightly related to my Marketing major, but I really just looked for a company that I was excited to be a part of! My advice would be to not feel limited by your major when starting your job search. Another tip would be to talk to anyone you know that has a job in an area you are even slightly interested in and ask them what their day-to-day looks like.”

You work for a sustainable company that sells products aimed to reduce waste! In what ways is sustainability important to you? How do you incorporate it into your life?

“Before working at Stasher, sustainability was more of an afterthought if I am being honest. After working here for 3 years I can say I practice what I preach. Using Stashers, I have completely removed all single use plastics from my kitchen which is huge. I also always keep a grocery bag in my car to avoid buying plastic/paper bags. Sustainability is one of those things that can be very intimidating at first but even one tiny thing you can do a day can make a huge difference in the long run!”

Is there a particular class or classes at SDSU that made an impact on you? How did it impact and/or help you?

“I really enjoyed my Consumer Behavior class and understanding how consumers think and purchase behavior. This is something my team discusses on a daily basis to drive conversion. Part of my job is doing Voice of Customer reports and I do a deeper dive into what consumers value and don’t value to help back our decisions.”

What was your favorite part about your time at SDSU?

"They’re so many things I love about SDSU. I had so many amazing teachers, especially in my last year, that were so passionate about the materials they were teaching. I also made lifelong friends during my 4 years and got to live in San Diego, and still do!"