Debbie Richeson

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        Sustainable SDSU sat down with Debbie Richeson to learn more about one of the key aspects to our Green     Campus: TRANSPORTATION. She has been the director of Parking and Transportation Services for 13 years and     has worked at SDSU in various transportation-related positions for 21 years. . . so she knows plenty when it comes   to how students, faculty, and staff get to and around campus.


        “Well, I am working on a couple of things.  I’m currently working on the Red and Black Shuttle, now that it has later     hours and is going off campus unlike years past. This is a pilot program, meaning we can make any necessary changes   when and if appropriate. I suggest students follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on this service as well as   other things such as parking lot closures, etc. Late night rides with Lyft is also in the workings.  It is a Aztec Parents   Association funded program for emergency rides for students living in the surrounding area.  We would subsidize up to   $5 and the student could use this service up to 3 times a semester. “

Forecasts for the Future

“One thing that is going on is that student parking passes are now valid in the Faculty/Staff parking from 6:30pm-1am Monday thru Friday with the exception of P14. We are making progress on a $1.5 million lighting project for the roadways and parking structures.  They are bimodal LED lights that brighten up with movement. It is a big project that we want to make sure is done right.”

Best/Worst of Working in Transportation

Best: “There are so many transportation alternatives and different companies out there to help the consumer.”

Worst: “Having limited resources to implement the many services available in the parking industry. “

Words to SDSU students

“We are just trying to give you various ways to getting around campus while thinking about everyone’s different needs and desires; like how we knew some prefer to use Uber and others prefer Lyft, so we got you both.”

Thank you for all you you do, Debbie!

If you have any feedback about anything transportation related, follow @SDSUPark on Twitter to comment/DM and check out the website!