History at San Diego State University

Associated Students Green Love launched the Environmental Justice Committee in Fall 2017. Introducing to you SDSU's brand new Environmental Justice Committee! Who we are: a group of driven, focused, and passionate individuals who believe that the equality of individuals should extend throughout all aspects of society, especially the environment. What we do: connect with local organizations that focus on EJ issues in the San Diego area, conduct EJ related research, advocate for those often overlooked by political measures, and most of all spread love and positivity about the environment. Why we do it: to raise awareness, encourage active citizenship, and provide a platform for those looking to have their EJ concerns addressed. Where we meet: if this sounds like something you're interested in come meet us by the SDSU koi pond on Monday's @ 12 for some great EJ convo and yummy eats! The co-chairs of Green Love EJC hope to tackle a few goals this year: Help out Cultivando SD to fight food injustice, Get involved with GRID, an organization dedicated to implementing renewable energy in low income communities of San Diego, Create a safe space for students to come together to talk about their experiences and the impacts environmental injustice or racism has on them, Educate, learn, and spread awareness about environmental justice on a local, state, national, and international scale, Take action politically by encouraging SDSU students to vote, Attending protests to rise against environmental injustices, Advocate for other social justice issues and bring to light the intersectionality of environmentalism and human rights, Posting on instagram to bring awareness to EJC at SDSU, Giving talks to other organizations on campus or doing events with other organizations on campus to bring more awareness, Biweekly meetings on Thursdays 3PM PST @ Koi Pond, The Facilities Services Office Sustainability hired an Environmental Justice intern, Vecky Hernandez, in Summer 2019 until April 2020. She educated the Office of Sustainability Team at that time on Environmental Justice and the importance of it to sustainability and everyone’s positions. In addition, Vecky hosted public events titled, “Environmental Justice 101,” “Environmentalism and Capitalism: Can They Co-Exist?,” and “Climate Justice = Indigenous Sovereignty” with the Native American Student Alliance in October and November 2019 at the Center for Intercultural Relations (CIR). Also, another “Environmental Justice 101” workshop was held at the CIR in February 2020. Since April 2020 due to the virtual switch because of the COVID-19 pandemic and massive turnover in Facilities Services, no one resides in the Environmental Justice intern position at this moment.