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Carbon Commitment

carbon commitment logoBy signing the Carbon Commitment, San Diego State University has agreed to achieve carbon neutrality. The Carbon Commitment includes completing a greenhouse gas inventory, creating a climate action plan, and regular reporting on progress. The climate action plan will develop benchmarks and actions to reach carbon neutrality, as well as highlighting opportunities to engage education and research around climate change. The plan will address direct operational emissions, such as electricity generation and usage, along with indirect emissions, like student, faculty, and staff commuting. In addition to reducing its carbon footprint, San Diego State will have greater impacts by engaging students to be climate leaders and leading peers and the region.

"As signatories to the climate commitment, we are pledging to work as a community toward the elimination of net greenhouse gas emissions and to promote research and education that builds a more sustainable world."

-President Elliot Hirshman

"Signing the commitment is a major step for our university and it supports our commitment to work toward a world that will support and benefit human life for generations to come. Supported by students, the University Senate, and many others on campus, President Hirshman's signing of the ACUPCC represents our recognition that education is about making a better world."

-Geoffrey Chase, dean of Undergraduate Studies and the director of the Center for Regional Sustainability at SDSU

In April 2017, San Diego State University adopted an operational carbon neutrality goal of 2040 and a carbon neutrality goal of 2050 through the approval of the Climate Action Plan.