There are a variety of people who work on sustainability issues at San Diego State University. The people below are faculty and staff responsible for sustainability in some capacity, along with Sustainable SDSU interns. There are many others who impact the campus in their own way.


Faculty and Staff

Tom Abram      Tom Abram is the Assistant Director of Facilities Services where he is responsible for campus sustainability and energy management. At SDSU, Tom focuses on strategic planning in order to develop and advance sustainability initiatives. Tom's previous experience includes mechanical design for deep green and net zero buildings at Integral Group as well as Sustainability Coordinator at the University of Illinois where he co-authored their Climate Action Plan. Tom holds a Masters in Sustainable Design and Construction from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He is a professional engineer, LEED Accredited Professional, and Certified Energy Manager.

"For people interested in getting involved in sustainability, I recommend that you acknowledge and understand the breadth of this topic. Sustainability touches upon so many areas and offers a wide variety of paths. No matter what field you enter, you can be involved in advancing sustainability. Network with people from different sectors of the sustainability field to understand what might be a fit for you."

 Phone: (619) 594-0550 | Email: [email protected]

Alexandra Duncan "At James Madison University in Virginia, I received a Bachelors of Science in Integrated Science and Technology with a focus in Energy and Environment. I began my career in Washington, D.C. as a sustainability specialist at the renowned Architectural Engineering firm, SOM, where I coordinated LEED for building projects, and performed whole building energy analysis as well as solar analysis to inform the building design at the earliest phase. Realizing my lack of understanding of systems integration, I transitioned to working at an engineering firm, WSP, as a commissioning agent where I developed knowledge of controls, commissioning, and energy audits. I was fortunate to have worked on a variety of interesting, high-profile projects, such as the United States Capitol Building, the new Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of African American History & Culture on the National Mall, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Georgetown University, and the International Monetary Fund’s Headquarters building."

Email: [email protected]

Glen Brandenburg     As a San Diego State University Alumni, Glen Brandenburg continues his passion for sustainable practices as Director of Facilities and Sustainability, Adviser to A.S. Sustainability/Green Love Commission, and has dedicated his time to the Climate Action Planning Council on campus. Glen has also revamped Mission Bay Aquatic Center's sustainability practices as well as ensured that many of SDSU's building are LEED Certified.

Email: [email protected] 

Matt Lauer     Dr. Matthew Lauer is a beloved professor of SDSU’s Department of Anthropology where he serves as Director of SDSU’s Sustainability Major/Minor Program as well as Director of the Environmental Anthropology Lab. Apart from his teaching duties, Dr. Lauer is heavily involved in researching population, environmental change, disasters, and conservation issues in Latin America and Oceania. Some of his most well-known research includes studying coral reef conservation on the island of Mo'orea and in the Solomon Islands. Dr. Lauer has also authored several papers about the resilience and vulnerability of coastal communities to climate change, natural disasters, and community-based resource management and development.

Office: AL-417| Phone: (619) 594-0978 | Email: [email protected]

 Jessica Barlow     Aside from her professional duties as a professor of SDSU’s School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Dr. Jessica Barlow is also SDSU’s director of the Center for Regional Sustainability, which houses the Sage Project, Bright Side Produce San Diego, and the Sage Club. Dr. Barlow has dedicated herself to improving SDSU’s sustainability efforts by joining the Climate Action Planning Council as well as serving on the Senate Sustainability Committee. Dr. Barlow also serves on the executive committee for the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities Network, which focuses on bringing change to local communities through large-scale campus-community partnerships across the country and internationally.

Office: SLHS 230 | Phone: (619) 594-0243| Email: [email protected]

 Paul MelchoirAs the current Director of SDSU Dining, Paul Melchior is determined to provide healthy, sustainable, and natural foods here at SDSU. Paul serves on SDSU’s Senate Sustainability Committee and was a member of NACUFS national team, which wrote a sustainability guide for campus dining at universities across the U.S. Paul works directly with student groups and student environmental organizations in order to improve the sustainability of SDSU Dining. Most notably, Paul and SDSU Dining have eliminated the use of styrofoam on campus, made the switch to cage free eggs, and have certified all dining facilities under the Green Restaurant Association.

Office: Education Building, Room 112 | Phone: (619) 594-7640 | Email: [email protected]

 Angela Holtze    Angela Holtze joined the Aztec family in 2017 as a Project Specialist for the Office of Housing Administration. With her degree from U.C. Santa Barbara and a certificate in Campus Sustainability Leadership from the University of Vermont, Angela has used her skills and knowledge of sustainability to co-chair the Housing Sustainability Committee. Angela is excited to connect with sustainability minded people and groups both on campus and across San Diego County. Angela enjoys having conversations and sharing ideas on how to develop sustainability to become a natural part of everyday life and always looks forward to Green Love’s monthly Green Lunch Bag Series.

Office: Office of Housing Administration | Phone: (619) 594-5742 | Email: [email protected]

Spring 2020 Sustainability Interns


Nick PoserMajor/Year: Environmental Geology Major expecting to graduate in December 2019.


     "Growing up in Carlsbad, CA played an important role in my love for the environment and sustainability. As an avid surfer, I have a strong love for the ocean and have always been fascinated by the mechanics behind it. Along with this, I care about all sea life and often see trash in the ocean or on the beach. Because of this, I became motivated to help make a difference and decided taking an environmental route would be my best way. I also have a group of friends who share similar interests and love to surf or camp with me. In high school, my friends and I would go hike and camp often which enhanced my love for nature. I learned that I love to spend time outdoors instead of playing video games like most kids."


     "I work as a energy analyst assistant and am responsible for campus energy billing and assist with energy analysis for SDSU by collecting data from electric, gas, water, and steam consumption meters across campus. I am currently working on a project called “Shut the Sash” to encourage laboratories around campus to shut the sash of fume hoods to save energy and money. My favorite part about my job is knowing that I am making a small difference in the future of sustainability at SDSU. I also love working with my sustainability team and finding ways to improve sustainability around campus. "


     "I  am not entirely sure what my goals are but I know I want to work outside and want to better the environment in some way. Hopefully, I can work in the hydrogeology field and help improve our water quality but I am keeping an open mind. Ideally, I would like to find a job that keeps me in Southern California with the possibility of travel.

1st step toward lifestyle:

     "My first step towards a sustainable lifestyle was buying a Hydroflask during my sophomore year of high school. Six years later and I still own the same Hydroflask. I remember when I first bought my Hydroflask, I promised myself that I would start making a difference. Ever since then, I have been doing anything I can to help save our planet, from taking shorter showers to convincing all my friends and family to stop using plastic water bottles and much more."


 Taylor Mosley

Year: 3rd

Major/Year: 3rd YearGeography with an emphasis in Environmental and Physical Sciences and a minor in Leadership.

Involvement: "In addition to working with Sustainable SDSU I am also an SDSU Ambassador, Vice President of the Enviro-Business Society(e3), and participate in research with a city planning/public administration professor."


     "My position with Sustainable SDSU is as the EcoReps intern. EcoReps is a new and exciting program which engages and educates all SDSU students on sustainability. EcoReps is a student led group of trained peer leaders who host events in the Residence Halls, gives Campus Sustainability Walking Tours, presents to classrooms on campus sustainability and resources, and more! The goal is to integrate sustainability with campus culture here at SDSU. My favorite part of my job is getting to work with Tom and the other interns. We’re the Sustainable Team!"


     "I hope to have a career working towards sustainability in some way. Right now I’m really exploring my options and taking advantage of the opportunities I have now before I lock myself into a path. A few areas I’m interested include: conservation science and policy, food insecurities, green/living buildings and xeriscaping, city planning, and oceanography. My dream job would be to work for the National Geographic Society or the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Or as an actor on SNL, still haven’t let that one go."

Favorite sustainable watch: Chasing Coral on Netflix

Favorite sustainable read: “Sapiens a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari”.      

Favorite feature of campus:

     "Transit Station and Campus Grown Initiative. Touring the campus myself I never would have connected transportation and sustainability. I love the access it’s given me to get to jobs, internships, the football stadium, or my favorite Balboa Park!"

1st step toward a sustainable lifestyle:   

     "Trying the vegetarian diet. Learning about the effects of animal agriculture on the environment resonated with me. From there it was one step at a time. Advice for anyone getting started with living more sustainably: focus on one aspect at a time and make a gradual change. For now my favorite tip to start is to bring your own water bottle, coffee mug, and utensil set with you! Also to say no to straws! They are so wasteful, not recyclable, and you can think of carrying your own straw as a fashion statement! We love stuff, so carrying a few extra things that last seems logical to me."

 McKenna Avery

Major/Year: 2nd year Sustainability Major, Political Science Minor


     "Originally from Inland Empire, I came to SDSU to earn a BA in Sustainability and to be close to the beach.  Throughout my collegiate experience, I have been involved in Green Love, the Residence Halls, and Rotaract. All of these different avenues allowed to discover my passion for sustainable change and the wellness of human beings. When I am not working on school or Sustainable SDSU, you can find me hiking, surfing, visiting a farmer’s market, or doing yoga. One thing I want people to know is that being an environmentalist is easy; you just have to be in nature for 5 minutes to realize its worth conserving."


     "As an Outreach Intern, I try to represent all of the efforts different people and groups are fostering in order to create a more #sustainablestate.  There is a great deal of movement happening everyday that can go unheard. Bringing awareness to this can manifest community and allow individuals to work together.  My love for Sustainable SDSU lies in the institution’s common goal. Everyone that I work with cares about the Earth and its inhabitants, organically creating an environment for change."

Origin of Sustainability:

     "I believe that the origin for my passion stemmed from my childhood.  Growing up, I had a fruitful backyard in which I would spend most of the day since I was homeschooled.  Looking back at this, I believe the combination of youth and nature cultivated my connection to it today.  I had a chance to see how beneficial nature is to everything around it and that is something I want to spread to my community."