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Aly Moore

Aly Moore

Green Love Representative

Building a more sustainable world through her activism, personal actions, leadership positions, and education 

Kennedy Herbst

Kennedy Herbst is a sustainability major at San Diego State University and a community developer for Sullivan Solar Power. She is passionate about renewable energy, philanthropy, yoga, and the many realms of sustainability. In this spotlight, we discuss Kennedy’s sustainability origin story, job with Sullivan Solar Power, philanthropy work, inspiring thoughts on sustainability, and advice for younger students. Read more here.

Alice Melz

Advancing sustainability though the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, Green Connections, and The Humble Co. Check out spotlight here.


thomas morales

Environmental Science Student researching pollinators and biodiversity in the College Area Community Garden. Check out spotlight here.

CJ Spears

Undergraduate CJ Spears is launching a business that turns plastic waste into fashion items (fanny packs, backpacks, shower caps, etc.). She then will use the profits to build a community center in Ghana for indigenous empowerment. The center will host community cleanups and workshops. Check out her spotlight to join the movement.

Maya Mchale

Undergraduate Maya interned in Cambodia this summer through a program funded by the Mundt Peace Fellowship! She worked with NGO Culture and Environmental Preservation Association to conserve the forest and develop the ecotourism project there. See how you can have an opportunity like hers through SDSU.

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Armando SepulvedaArmando Sepulveda, a sustainable transit advocate, is a SDSU Senior working to improve transportation on and off campus through politics and student engagement. He speaks of university initiatives in context with the goals of the City of San Diego and policymakers. Listen to learn Armando's story and his perspective on transit and the green industry.    

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Calvin Y.From dreams of windmill installations at State to engineering his way to help villagers have water, Calvin has a lot going on. In his last year at SDSU, he wants to make a lasting impression that makes an impact. We dove in to learn more about his journey, advice, and current projects.

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Cassie and SabrinaCassie Weinberg and Sabrina Sessarego are The Green Love Commission’s newest leaders for the 2018-2019 school year! Cassie will serve as the new Green Love Commissioner and Green Office Certification intern at Sustainable SDSU. Sabrina will serve as the A.S. Sustainability Representative. Campus Sustainability caught up with both leading ladies to ask them about about their sustainable habits and how they plan to spread sustainable practices at SDSU and in San Diego.

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theresa murphyTheresa Murphy is a Sustainability Major who studied abroad for the 2016-17 Academic Year at Keele University in the United Kingdom. Theresa shares her experience with Sustainable SDSU.

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Kristen Monteverde

Kristen Monteverde

Professor of Geography and Sustainability

Inspiring students to learn about the Earth and empowering them to reach their goals


Sharon Cunningham

Sharon Cunningham is the senior supervising custodian who is incorporating sustainability in essential services on campus.


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Kotaro NakamuraKotaro Nakamura is a professor and former director of the School of Art and Design. He dives into the indigenous way of living comfortably using the least amount of resources.

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Erlinde CornelisProfessor Erlinde Cornelis currently teaches marketing research as an Assistant Professor of Marketing here at the SDSU Fowler College of Business. Erlinde exemplifies a sustainable leader by challenging her students to think critically and ethically about the world around them, especially through the lens of business and marketing. In 2018 and 2017 she was named the Most Influential Professor in Marketing in the Fowler College of Business. Her main area of interest in research is persuasion and people's resistance to it. How do the words "eco" and "green" and "climate" make people feel and act? How can companies and organizations equip themselves with the most effective marketing plan to reach a broader audience to catalyze social and environmental change?

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Arielle LevineFrom doing research in Hawaii and American Samoa to teaching various classes on campus, Dr. Levine has a lot to share with us. Learn more about what she has found through her work and how to get involved with research!

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Debbie RichesonDebbie Richeson has been the director of Parking and Transportation Services for 13 years and has worked at SDSU in various transportation-related positions for 21 years. She knows plenty when it comes to how students, faculty, and staff get to and around campus. We had a conversation with this transportation expert to learn more about the Red and Black Shuttle, Lyft plans, new parking options, and upcoming plans for SDSU.

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Duane BuskeDining division has shown leadership in College and University Food service sustainability. The initiative is led by Duane Buske, SDSU Dining Senior General Manager of Purchasing and Distribution

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Charlie Trujillo

Charlie Trujillo

San Diego Green Building Council Employee

Using knowledge of sustainability and engineering to make the built environment as sustainable as possible

mckenna avery

McKenna Avery graduated in 2020 with a degree in Sustainability and a minor in Political Science. During her time at SDSU, she worked for the Office of Sustainability, held executive positions in Green Love, and launched a company through ZIP Launchpad. McKenna is now working as a founder of a sustainable feminine hygiene company, Hempress Hygienics. Her passion and care for the environment and its people shine through in this spotlight! Read more here.

Kate Coughlin

Kate is an SDSU alumnus who started an upcycled clothing company, Jazzy Mabel. She gives another life to pre-loved clothing through her bright colors and eye-catching designs! Her business is primarily on Instagram @jazzymabel and in a few weeks, her website jazzymabel.com will be available. Read more about sustainability in Kate’s business, her artistic journey, and advice for students here.

Richard YbarraAlum Richard Ybarra attended SDSU in the 1970s, later on becoming involved in the Farm Workers’ Movement and the Environmentalist Movement. He is currently the president of the Ybarra Company on Public Affairs. Sharing over 30 years of leadership experience, Ybarra was able to offer valuable advice to help all of the SDSU community in promoting environmentalism and diversity! Read here.

Griffin Thall

Griffin is an SDSU Alum who graduated in 2010 with a marketing degree. Since graduation, he and his business partner developed a famous jewelry brand, made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and donated to over 175 charities. Then, he talked to us here.

Toni Giffin

Toni attended an SDSU program on non-profit leadership 15 years ago and is now the CEO of Goodwill Industries of San Diego County. She shares insight on the circular economy model and advice for current students here!

Hana Creger Profile

Alum Hana was part of the 1st Sustainability graduating class at SDSU! She now works for The Greenlining Institute as the Environmental Equity Program Manager. She shares about her transition after college & gives advice to current students here!

Leah Schroeder

Alum Leah worked with her roommate to develop Litter2Life: turning San Diego beach trash into art.  They want to pass on the tradition to SDSU and keep spreading the message of environmental stewardship. She also shares about her current job in food medicine and how it impacts public health and sustainability!
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After years of chasing the typical career life and being disengaged with the environment, Mitch found inspiration to improve his lifestyle and make waves in the local community. As the current Chapter Manager of Surfrider San Diego he guides us down his personal path leading to the non-profit, highlights Surfrider's goals and accomplishments, overviews the main problems facing our oceans and coastlines, and gives genuine advice to anyone trying to save the world. One listen and you will be inspired to act locally in a world of global issues.

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Stephanie HernandezTracing the origins of her sustainable mind back to her father working as a trash man for years, Alumni Stephanie is establishing her role as the Equity Specialist for Center for Sustainable Energy.  She walked us through the things that helped her on campus and gave us advice on how we can make the most out of our experience at SDSU.

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Grant MackFrom establishing the SDSU Farmers Market and bike lanes in 2011 as the AS President, Grant is now working in Sacramento serving as the Chief Policy Advisor for the CA Energy Commission and Senior Legislative Liaison for CA Public Utilities Commission. He shared his journey and what is takes to make change on and off campus.

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