Green Office/Lab Program

Keeping our SDSU community at the forefront of our priorities, the Office of Sustainability aims to keep our space healthy, green, and efficient. With the help of student interns and Director Kristin Larson, we are determined to see this through because we know the work we do doesn't just help our university but everyone it touches. By coming together and creating a community that prioritizes sustainability we will be able to create the change needed to attain our ideal future.

green office

Our Green Office Certification Program (GOCP) blends these aspects of community and sustainability by assessing campus offices with a sustainability score, helping faculty learn about ways they can improve their sustainable practices within the office. It's a simple process that takes little to no time but can have enormous impact. We hope that all offices and staff members consider participating in our Green Office Program.

The GOCP is an SDSU program that rewards certificates to sustainable offices on campus and helps reduce participating offices’ negative environmental impact. The certification that an office receives (either bronze, silver, gold, or platinum) is based on its sustainability practices, which are evaluated through a self-assessment proctored by one of our student interns.

Based on your office's improvements and progression over the course of the year, the Green Office intern will go over, assign you a score, and help you identify ways to be more sustainable. If your office would like to participate in the Green Office program, please email [email protected].

Green Certified Offices at SDSU

Green Offices retain different levels of certification based off of their resource consumption, Platinum being the highest, followed by Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

Office of Energy and Sustainability


Office of Housing Administration



Similarly, we have a Green Labs Certification Program to help the labs around campus reduce their waste and energy usage. We have "Shut the Sash" stickers that can be placed in labs to remind people to be more energy conscious as well as other tips. The Green Labs intern will go over, help your lab identify ways to be more sustainable, and assign a score. If your lab is interested in getting Green Lab certified, please email [email protected].