Green Office Certification Program (GOCP)


The Office of Sustainability is committed to improving the overall well-being of San Diego State University by improving it's sustainable practices. It's vital for us to focus on reversing the damage done to our planet, if we want a prosperous future. Here at the Office of Sustainability we focus on finding ways we can make our campus happier, healthier, and greener. With the help of amazing student interns and a great supervisor Ally Duncan, we are determined to see this through because we know the work we do doesn't just help our university but everyone it touches. By coming together and creating a community that prioritizes sustainability we will be able to create the change needed to attain our ideal future.

This is why we decided to create the Green Office Program, to engage faculty and staff in sustainable practices within the office to promote a sustainable campus culture. It's a way for offices to get assessed a sustainability score and learn about ways they can improve their sustainable practices within the office. It's a simple process that takes little to no time but can have enormous impact. We hope that faculty and staff from all offices consider participating in our Green Office Program. 










Office of Sustainability 94.5 Platinum The Office of Sustainability prioritizes sustainability and holds itself to the highest standard. Therefore, we thought it would be appropriate to be transparent about our practices within our own office and display our Green Office ranking along side the other participating offices.
Academy for Professional Excellence 63 Gold Recycling: The Academy for Professional Excellence acheived a perfect scrore in our recycling section!
Housing  61 Gold Waste Reduction: The campus Housing Office acheived their highest score in wast reduction by setting all their printers to print double-sided, having designated trays for scrap paper, and reusing copies, catalogs, and brochures whenever possible.
Facility Services Administration 61  Gold Engagement: Facility Service staff members are subscribed to the Sustainable SDSU newsletter and follow their social media accounts, on Twitter and Instagram. They also post green office tips throughout the office, and set office sustainability goals!
AS Government Affairs 55  Silver  Purchasing: AS Government Affairs achieved their highest score in our purchasing section by limiting the amount of single-use products they purchased for their office and by switching out regular office products with more sustainably made alternatives.
Department of Religious Studies and Classics and Humanities 22 Bronze Waste Reduction: The Department of Religious Studies achieved their highest score in our waste reduction section by having the staff bring in reusable water bottles and avoiding paper documents by transitioning to e-documents.




The average person spends the majority of their week in the office, 8.5 hours a day (59.5 hours a week). With this much time being spent in the office it is important that we promote environmentally friendly practices within the office.

It's an opportunity to...

  • Showcase your office’s commitment to sustainability
  • Pursue energy efficiency in your office
  • Reduce our university’s  environmental footprint
  • Reduce campus operational costs
  • Gain environmental consulting for your office
Climate action plan

SDSU has set a Climate Action Plan to reach

  • Operational carbon neutrality by 2040
  • Full campus carbon neutrality by 2050

By focusing on waste reduction, recycling, energy/water conservation, sustainable transportation, green purchasing and events your office can partake in achieving SDSU’s Climate Action Plan as well as achieving your own office’s personal goals.

  1. Initial Assessment and Survey (first year only)
  2. Short Training
  3. Idenitifying Sustainable Improvements within the Office
  4. Optional Coffee/Tea Meetings 
  5. Final Assessment and Survey (end of the year)
  6. Recognition & Awards Ceremony



If interested, please email [email protected]