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Spotlights on the people, programs, and projects that make San Diego State University more sustainable. 

During his junior year at SDSU, Josh came up with an idea to produce his own BIOPLASTIC that benefits people's health and the environment. He shared about the resources that got him here and the impact of the switch.

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From doing research in Hawaii and American Samoa to teaching various classes on campus, Dr. Levine has a lot to share with us. Learn more about what she has found through her work and how to get involved with research!

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Debbie Richeson has been the director of Parking and Transportation Services for 13 years and has worked at SDSU in various transportation-related positions for 21 years. She knows plenty when it comes to how students, faculty, and staff get to and around campus. We had a conversation with this transportation expert to learn more about the Red and Black Shuttle, Lyft plans, new parking options, and upcoming plans for SDSU.

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debbie richeson

From dreams of windmill installations at State to engineering his way to help villagers have water, Calvin has a lot going on. In his last year at SDSU, he wants to make a lasting impression that makes an impact. We dove in to learn more about his journey, advice, and current projects.

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Calvin T.

Cassie Weinberg and Sabrina Sessarego are The Green Love Commission’s newest leaders for the 2018-2019 school year! Cassie will serve as the new Green Love Commissioner and Green Office Certification intern at Sustainable SDSU. Sabrina will serve as the A.S. Sustainability Representative. Campus Sustainability caught up with both leading ladies to ask them about about their sustainable habits and how they plan to spread sustainable practices at SDSU and in San Diego.

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Cassie and Sabrina

Campus Sustainability intern Nick Poser discusses how his love for the outdoors led him to major in Environmental Geology as well as how his interest in living sustainably inspired him to take on an internship that would allow him to improve SDSU's sustainability practices.    

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Charlotte Roberts is a second year Sustainability Major and is currently serving as Associated Students Sustainability/GreenLove Commissioner. Charlotte discussed her passion for sustainability and thoughts on SDSU's and the City of San Diego's sustainability initiatives. 

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CHarlotte Roberts


Theresa Murphy is a Sustainability Major who studied abroad for the 2016-17 Academic Year at Keele University in the United Kingdom. Theresa shares her experience with Sustainable SDSU.

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Theresa Murphy


SDSU Dining division has shown leadership in College and University Food service sustainability. The initiative is led by Duane Buske, SDSU Dining Senior General Manager of Purchasing and Distribution

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Duane Buske