EcoReps started in 2018 as a student lead program within the Office of Sustainability, better known as Sustainable SDSU. EcoReps enhance student experience by preparing educated, conscious, and engaged students.


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Mission EcoReps Report

Establish sustainability as the core of campus culture by fostering a sense of environmental stewardship in personal and institutional processes and by educating the campus and community on sustainability.


  • Develop sustainable leaders who cultivate environmental awareness. 
  • Inspire environmental stewardship on campus. 
  • Diversify student awareness of environmental actions and ways to individually affect change. 


The student population living on-campus is large at about 3,500 students per year. EcoReps focuses partly on residence halls to expose the incoming students to sustainable living in hopes they continue practicing sustainability on and off campus. To do so, we have formed the Lead EcoReps! Lead EcoReps work in collaboration with Housing and Residential Education to implement sustainability related events and promote campus initiatives such as RecyleMania.

During the 2018-2019 school year, Lead EcoReps hosted sustainable events in five of the halls:

  • Coffee Hot, Let's Talk: Sustainability. An introduction to Sustainable SDSU and sustainability. Doughnuts, coffee, and giveaways! 
  • Tote-ally Sustainable. Residents decorated their own reusable canvas bag, participated in our Swap Shop (thanks to collaboration with Green Love), and entered to win a Sustainable SDU HydroFlask.

To apply to be a Lead EcoRep please send your resume to [email protected]. Take advantage of this leadership opportunity to advance sustainable living in your very own home!

EcoReps event in Tenochca Tote-ally sustainable in SCP


Take a campus tour with the added benefit of learning about all of SDSU’s sustainable features. Whether you are new to campus or know it well, the campus sustainability walking tour will offer a refreshing view of campus by sharing with you the sustainable resources and gems of campus. Inspire your inner sustainability and sign up now.

Tours are offered weekly on Mondays at 10am. 

Sign-Up for Tour  

Students, staff, and faculty can request a tour for a group during a separate time by emailing [email protected]. The tour can supplement a class topic, inspire student projects, and connect student groups to sustainability! 



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Educating the campus and community is a part of EcoRep’s mission. As part of the EcoReps program we have created a short, yet comprehensive presentation on campus sustainability and sustainable living to share with any group on campus including classrooms and organizations. During the 2019-2020 school year, EcoReps gave 6 presentations to both classrooms and student organizations! That is roughly 150 students reached who now know more about the sustainability of their campus, the resources provided to them, and how they can get involved.


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Do you what bin your waste goes into? Recycle, landfill, or compost? It’s okay if you don’t. In fact, most people are unaware of correct waste disposal! EcoReps are here to help. Anyone can sign up to help EcoReps Trash Talk.

What is Trash Talking? It is a way to educate peers on “what goes where?” to increase the campus recycling rate.

Join us every Monday from 12pm-2pm at East Commons. Sign up below and review campus waste guidelines here

Volunteer to Trash Talk

recyling bin on centennial walkway


Get involved! 

Anyone can join! We are open to all majors and all class levels. Take part in all of the EcoReps initiatives or focus on your specific interest.

Learn about sustainability. Connect with students. Become a Lead EcoRep. Present on sustainability and give tours.

Show off SDSU’s sustainable campus.     

Join EcoReps

Please contact the EcoReps Program Manager, Taylor Campbell-Mosley, with any questions or for more information at [email protected]